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What what you mean its Monday morning already?!!!
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in mondayz_suck's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
2:08 pm

monday wasnt that bad, i left work early, went to one of those market research thingies, made an extra $100, then slept the rest of the day!

best monday so far this year

yea i know, i'm supposed to write about how it sucked, but TODAY sucks, so i guess it makes up for it.


Thursday, April 15th, 2004
5:34 pm
is it just me or did today FEEL like a fucking monday!!!!!

i (obviously) hate mondays.
tuesdays, i really have no feelings either way about.
wednesdays i like only because i get to run around announcing that it's hump day to everybody.
thursdays are before friday so usually they're ok and of course everybody likes fridays (provided they have weekends off, as i do).

saturday and sunday go without speaking.

but noooooo not today

Monday, April 12th, 2004
6:51 pm
today was even worse than last monday
you eVer get so upset and pissed off and annoyed and frustrated all at once that you just totally lose it and flip out on everyone around you adn start talkign to yourself incessantly and hEaring shit in your head that yOu KNOW shouldnt be there, but you continue to talk to it anyway and when people ask you what you are talkign about you give them one of those looks that scares them off for a few days adn then no one will talk to you at all and they tell you to just GO HOME b/c you are useless and there is no point in you being in the office but tHen they yell at you for coming in at the time you r suPPosed to be there but suddenLy the asshoel boss decides that he wants me there an hour earlier and i have told him over and over that i cant do that, its not gonna happen, adn then he yells and yellls and yells at me some more that i HAVE to be in eArlier than i agreed to adn then hangs up on me and then i called my mom to ask her how to do somethign and she juST hung up on me and then the other person just LOOKED at me and i didnt like taht at all , oh no, not at all, that was bad, very very bad, WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME YOU CUNT HUH HUH WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME??????????????????????
Thursday, April 8th, 2004
2:04 am
i went thru most of today thinking it was monday, which naturally put me in a bad mood. why does tuesday sometimes FEEL like mondays?
damn, i just realized now that i spent the other half of the day thinking it was tuesday.
someone please tell me what freakin day it is............
this whole week sucks
WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME LIKE THIS????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: annoyed
Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
10:35 am
dude. i am going to fall in love with this community. if not for the fact that everything that ever goes wrong goes wrong on a monday, then that it's so good to know that it happens to other people. damn. good idea for a community.
Monday, April 5th, 2004
7:59 pm
dear monday,

for so many reasons, i hate you, but today especially for this reason in particular: instead of getting up at FIVE in the fucking morning to go to work, my weary hungover body had to get up at FOUR in the fucking morning to go to work, b/c i am so far completely unadjusted to daylight savings.

monday, you can fucking suck it.


8:01 pm
today, my car broke, MORE, now i am STUCK HERE... in my HOUSE....till god knows when
i sat at work for 6 hours BY MYSELF doing NOTHING AT ALL, just taking up space
fuck mondays
i am bored out of my skull
someone kill me
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