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What what you mean its Monday morning already?!!!

Give me 15 more mins

Pick a City
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This community is owned and maintained by alnithius

I think the name of this community says it all

ONE RULE: the entry doesnt have to be ON a Monday but it has to be about a sucky, shitty, disappointing, (you get the idea) kind of Monday. No posting about your promotion or the raise you got.

Be respectful and if you're going to bash at least bash the crappy thing that happened on the Monday :D

Look forward to fridays?
bitter coffee, calling out sick, car accident, empty matchbook, empty pack of cigarettes, forgot my business plan, i hate mondays, is it friday yet?, lost my purse, lost my wallet, missed the bus, missed the train, monday rage, mondays are crap, mondays blow, mondays suck, mugged, pms, road rage, running late, screw mondays, snooze button, stuck in traffic, tgif, who needs monday